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Children’s Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance for children can be an excellent long term decision for both the parent and child. No parent ever wants to contemplate burying a child but unfortunately there are many parents that face this burden every day.

Living Benefits-How can you use your life insurance while you’re still alive?

  • Guarantee Future Insurability – They’ll always have that insurance – even if they develop health conditions down the road that prevents them from being eligible for life insurance.
  • Future Coverage Increases  – With certain additional policy add-ons they may have the option to increase coverage – without a medical exam when they are older.
  • Affordability – Life insurance will never be cheaper than it is today! When quoting children ages 5 & under we very often see that a $25,000 whole life policy that cost $20 per month for 20 years – Cost a total of $5,000. That is amazingly affordable!
  • Whole Life Insurance Policies for Children – Whole life insurance, sometimes called permanent life insurance, provides coverage for your entire lifetime. That means your family and beneficiaries are covered for the duration of your life.
  • Whole life insurance accumulates cash value, too, providing you the option of borrowing against it. It’s a financially smart way to help protect yourself and your loved ones. You can even buy a separate policy for children, so they have coverage for their entire lives.

Some companies even offer Term Life Insurance Policies for children. These are usually even less expensive then whole life policies.