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Insurance Services for Seniors

Personal Insurance for Customers Age 55+

-Our best companies most preferred customers-

Some Insurance companies begin to raise your rates as you age – especially for customers older than 70 years old. Unfortunately, we see older customers paying extremely high premiums even when they have a clean claims history and have been with the same company for decades.

We do very well when competing with any of the national insurance companies such as State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Farmers, AARP/ The Hartford and Farm Bureau of TN.

Our 3 main personal lines insurance companies Erie, Grange, and Safeco have some industry leading coverages, exceptional claims service, and easily accessible customer service. They also seem to really desire more mature preferred clients.

With these companies we are able to offer the coverage and policy benefits that you deserve with a premium that has more stability over time.

What Do We Have To Offer That Your Agent Doesn’t?

Auto Insurance

(Available Policy Options Vary By Company)

  • 3 Year Rate Lock Feature
  • Diminishing Deductibles
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Violation Forgiveness
  • New Vehicle Replacement
  • Enhanced Towing & Rental Car
  • Annual Policy Term
  • Discount for Paying Annual Premium in Full
  • Can include all vehicles on one policy
  • Can include campers, RVs, and Motorcycles the policy with your regular vehicles

Homeowners Insurance

(Available Policy Options Vary By Company)

  • Guaranteed Replacement cost for your home
  • Companies that still offer – $100, $250, and $500 deductible options
  • Coverage for ID Theft
  • Coverage for Sewer / Septic Tank Back-Up
  • Underground Service Line Coverage- for underground water, gas, or electric lines
  • Equipment Breakdown- breakdown coverage for mechanical items / appliances

Financial Products

(Available Policy Options Vary By Company)

  • We have great interest rates on our Annuities – Which are excellent alternative options to CD’s and Money Market Accounts
  • Annuities can be a great option for 401K rollovers as well.
  • We have a permanent life policy with an optional Long Term Care Rider that can be added to the policy.

Medicare Supplements

  • Our most competitive company for our senior clients is Erie Insurance Company. They are prepared to meet the needs of the senior market with their home, auto, and life insurance products. Recently they have introduced a very competitive Medicare supplement program. Current Erie Home or Auto Insurance customers may be find additional savings on the Medicare Supplements through Erie.   

With over 60% of our personal lines insurance customers being 65 or older, we have aligned with companies that meet their needs extremely well.

We understand that having stable premiums, a dependable company / agent, protecting your assets and your future income / retirement are the most important concerns that you have when changing insurance companies.

Always do what is best for the client – meaning always offer them the best service, coverage that best meets their need, and at the best rate you can. To our agency, this also means that if we can’t offer you something better than what you have- then we’ll shoot you straight- and you will have at least gotten a free review of your current insurance plan.

Our agents would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help possibly reduce your insurance cost and provide you with better coverage than you have currently.