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Property Owners, Landlords, & Hospitality Insurance Program

Commercial Property Insurance

As a property owner in the rental market, you skillfully manage many responsibilities — building maintenance, bookkeeping, tenants and more. So let us help you protect your property. From liability coverage to property damage, Erie Insurance offers a variety of policies and endorsements to help cover your business risks – 

We can offer a variety of policies and endorsements to cover your business risks. Here are just a few examples to show some of the ways our business policies can provide protection for the risks you may face.

Coverages – highly recommend to Property Owners!

  1. Coverage for Property – For little things like broken windows to significant building damage caused by vandalism, fire, broken pipes and more.
  2. Coverage for libel, slander – For claims of libel, slander, wrongful eviction, violation of the right of privacy and more.
  3. Coverage for Loss Rental Income – For lost rental income coverage if your tenant has to move out while the building is repaired after a fire or loss that we cover.
  4. Coverage for other property – For exterior signs that are attached to your building, fences, walks, outbuildings and trees, shrubs, lawns, and other property like gazebos, swimming pools, tennis courts and playground equipment.
  5. Coverage for maintenance tools – For maintenance equipment like lawnmowers and snow blowers that are damaged due to a loss that we insure.
  6. Equipment Breakdown – To repair or replace equipment such as machinery, conveyors, telephones, computers and heating/cooling equipment after an equipment breakdown due to a covered loss.
  7. Employee Dishonesty – These claims are usually difficult to detect and go unnoticed for some time. Make sure you have this coverage for these costly claims.
  8. Data Compromise / Cyber Liability-  – Covers the expenses to notify your customers and for any damages they are awarded after their personally identifiable information is stolen through a data breach.

    Download our free guide to protecting your business from a Data Breach here. (Include Hartford Data Breach Guide)

Additional Insurance for Your Business Needs

  1. Commercial Auto Insurance – Covers your vehicles while being used for your business. If vehicles used by a company are allowed to be on a personal auto policy then why did insurance companies ever create a commercial auto policy? This is one of the biggest mistakes we see businesses make with their insurance. Make sure your business and vehicles are on the proper policy with the coverage your business needs.
  2. Workers Compensation Insurance – covers injuries that your employees suffer at work. If you have any employees, you need workers compensation insurance, because you are responsible for your employees’ wellbeing.
  3. Group Benefits – you can offer accident, disability, critical illness, and life insurance to your employees for little to no cost for your business.
  4. Employment Related Practices Liability – Protects your business from lawsuits by employees for things like sexual harassment, wrongful termination, or discrimination.
  5. Employee Benefits Liability –Covers any errors made by an employee administrator of your employee benefits program.
  6. Directors & Officers Liability –Protects the company as well, covers legal fees, settlements, and other costs. D&O insurance is the financial backing for a standard indemnification provision, which holds officers harmless for losses due to their role in the company.
  7. Commercial Liability Umbrella Insurance- Provides additional coverage in the times that your business policy, commercial auto, or workers compensation is not enough coverage.

The Client’s Insurance Agency offers free, comparative quotes on commercial property insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you can get the best possible rate.

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